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1:100 Public Workshop

Take a closer look at two of Sydney’s most controversial and interesting housing projects: the Matavai and Turanga buildings in Waterloo, part of the existing Waterloo Housing Estate precinct. These distinctive public housing towersdesigned for the vulnerable and elderlycould be scheduled for demolition as part of a State-driven masterplan to make way for private development that will considerably change the landscape of Waterloo. 

We invite you to take part in an insightful multi-staged creative drawing tour that will also draw upon discussions around the significant history of the iconic towers as well as the broader public housing precinct.

During the workshop, we will be joined by multiple guests from the local community who have been involved in the design and planning of the area to cover the history—past and present—of the two towers as well as discuss the controversial future development and planning of the Waterloo Housing Estate.

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