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Bennelong Stories

Australian author Peter Carey wrote, in his book ’30 Days in Sydney’ of the Opera House site, saying:

“…the first settlers extracted the lime for the mortar from shells. But what you might not know is that in 1788, when white people arrived, there were middens of shells twelve metres tall on Bennelong Point. Where the Opera House is. Where the Opera House is, exactly. When Fort Macquarie was before that. So Bennelong Point was obviously the site of the first city of Sydney, and what an ancient city it was, do you see?..The convicts cannibalised the ancient city to make the colonial city. So the ancient city is still there, sandwiched between the bricks - baked earth - which contain, in turn, the thumbprints of the men who made them.”

The Sydney Architecture Festival invites Sydneysiders to the smoking ceremony with Clarence Slockee and Ric LePlasterier (who Carey attributes for the quote).

Join us at 9am for a ceremony with a difference as Clarence and Ric share Bennelong stories.

The ceremony will finish in the Opera house box office at 10.15am - as the doors to the Festival events open!

This is a free event.

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