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Better Housing Now: Session 1 - Housing and the City

Host: Committee for Sydney

The first session of the Better Housing Now symposium is designed to examine and establish the relationship between housing affordability and the city more generally. What are the trends, patterns, and changes? What work is being done in this space? Where are the real areas of concern and particularly difficult problems?


12:00 Barnaby Bennett, Creative Director, Sydney Architecture Festival, Introduction

12.15 Prof. Hal Pawson City, Futures UNSW, Unpacking Australia’s housing affordability

12:30 Debbie Georgopolous, Women’s Housing Company, A Place to Call Home

12:45 Dr Louise Crabtree, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney, A Speculative Problem

1:00 Daniel Khong, Capella Capital, Affordable housing - what does it take?

1:15 Panel discussion 

2:00 Finish




Better Housing Now: a free two-day public symposium on housing affordability in NSW.

Presented by Shelter NSW, Committee for Sydney, Government Architect NSW and the Sydney Architecture Festival.


Better Housing Now is the keystone event of the festival. It will offer the public an indepth look at the complex and interconnected issues that have created the currently unaffordable city. In four sessions ‘Housing and the City, ‘Work in Progress’, ‘Squaring the Circle’, and ‘A Call to Action’ the city’s leading organisations, advocacy groups and designers will explore projects, identify problems, and propose solutions. The event is free for the public. Each session requires registration.


Other events held during this two day symposium:
Better Housing Now: Session 2 - Work in Progress
Better Housing Now: Session 3 - Circling the Square
Better Housing Now: Session 4 - A Call to Action

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