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Talk & Tour

Meet the Aussie Mosque

While the earliest mosques in NSW were built in the inner-city suburbs of Sydney, around two-thirds are now located in western Sydney. Join the community of Sydney’s newest mosque — designed by Sydney architect Angelo Candalepas — and be one of the first to experience this modern masterpiece. We ask — is the mosque beginning to develop its own unique Australian identity? And can architecture build better cultural understanding between communities in multi-cultural Sydney?

Dr Zachariah Matthews | VP, Australian Islamic Mission.
Anjali Roberts | City of Parramatta.
Angelo Candalepas | Principal, Candalepas Associates. 
Husnia Underabi | Western Sydney University

Tour: 9.30-10.30am
Discussion and lunch: 11am start
Bus transfer to Festival Hub: 1.30pm

Tickets:  Free event — lunch included. Entry only by registration.

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