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The Architectures of Affordability: Timothy Hill and Paul Karakusevic

The Sydney Architecture Festival 2019 closes with a very special evening that will both interrogate and celebrate the value of architecture as a response to problems of affordability. We are lucky to host one of Australia’s most celebrated thinkers and designers Timothy Hill and welcome a leading British architect Paul Karakusevic from London.

Timothy Hill
Previously a founding director of Donovan Hill, Timothy Hill recently established Partners Hill to continue participating in building, researching, advocating and teaching.

His output has been awarded at the national and international levels and is deliberately unspecialised; projects have ranged through furniture commissions, city centre masterplans, landscapes, campus buildings, office towers and in a continuous stream, houses.

His investigation into alternate models of housing that provide flexibility throughout the lifespan of their inhabitants call into question ‘what is a house?’ ‘who is it for?’ and ‘are houses just for families?’ His involvement in delivering larger schemes in the speculative sector (SL8 and W4 Apartments) has informed propositions for alternative models.

These alternatives to nuclear family housing have yielded the demonstration projects of D House, T1 House, T2 House, Y3 House, Terrace Street Apartments, Z House, N House, MM House, C House, Longhouse and Multihouse.

Paul Karakusevic
Paul Karakusevic founded Karakusevic Carson Architects to improve the quality and design of social and public housing and civic buildings. Over the past 20 years he has worked with residents and local government in the UK to investigate ways of funding, improving and building new homes and civic spaces which reflect their local context and the needs of communities involved.

Paul and the practice have now designed some of the largest and most complex publicly led housing projects on challenging sites in the UK, where quality housing and public space has played a transformative role in improving the well-being of local people.

He is a Design Advisor to Homes England, The Mayor of London and the Design Council, and lends his experience to audits, critiques and review and awards panels of major initiatives and projects across the UK. Paul has been selected as a London Mayor’s Design Advocate, to provide design guidance to City Hall and local councils. Paul is also a patron and trustee of the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, the London Festival of Architecture and the Architecture Foundation. He has been invited to lecture on housing design at leading universities and institutions internationally, and in 2017, co-authored the book ‘Social Housing: Definitions and Design Exemplars’, published by RIBA.

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