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World Architecture Day Oration

From profit-driven, to people-led housing for Sydney — Professor Kristien Ring
“Profit-driven developments shape the housing markets of most major cities today. However, new models exist that offer greater choice and lower costs, foster cohesive neighbourhoods and enable adaptable, customised living solutions.”

Hear Kristien Ring share a citizen-led housing model that might just help Sydney deliver a supply of well-designed affordable housing that can cost between 15% – 30% less to purchase.

Kristien Ring is an architect, curator and author, originally from Pittsburgh, but living in Berlin since 1991. Her interdisciplinary studio, AA PROJECTS, engages with future oriented themes in architecture and urban planning. Her research explores how densification contributes to improving our cities. Kristien is the author of Self Made City. Berlin, Self-initiated Urban Living and Architectural Interventions, 2013, and Urban Living, Strategies for the future, 2015, (Jovis Publishers). Kristien is Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida, and was 2016 Visiting Fellow, Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Western Australia. 

Tickets: $25 — Includes OzHarvest lunch.

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